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Kickboxing Leicester – DMAF’s Adults Kickboxing program is a great way to keep fit, increase confidence, increase muscle tone and suppleness, and burn calories. There are many dimensions to the adults classes and students will cover many things. These include fitness work, goal setting, self defence and martial arts techniques to name a few.

The adults classes are high tempo and lots of fun, and as with the kids programmes, you can train many times a week and work towards gradings. We also offer competitions or just self improvement if you don’t want to compete. Adults will also have the opportunity to take part in competitive sparring with the view to enter tournaments if they wish.

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Our classes are for anyone from 13 years to 60+ and for all levels. We scale everything to peoples individual ability and have separate advanced classes and sparring classes so no class is too daunting. If you don’t want to spar and would like to keep it non contact thats fine. If you want to spar and compete one day we can also accommodate that with regular squad sessions and tournaments throughout the year. We have many competitors from club to national level training with us. We also have many who just do it for the great fun and fitness side of things, in fact we have more people who do it for these reasons than any.

As well as our classes we have regular fitness testing sessions to check progress. We are also able to give nutrition advice and plans. We can do this with our highly qualified sports therapists and nutrition experts working with us to provide the best facilities around.

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Kickboxing Leicester

Kickboxing Leicester – Kickboxing Leicester – Kickboxing Leicester